McWeeney on The “Reality and Vision for Bahamian Financial Services”

Pictured is Sean McWeeney, QC, partner in the law firm of Graham Thompson, as he presented at the Central Bank's AML-CFT forum in September.

Graham Thompson partner Sean McWeeney QC, presented at the recent Bahamas AML/CFT Risk Management Conference. Speaking on the topic "Reality and vision for Bahamian financial services", Mr. McWeeney’s speech garnered national attention in particular for his call “for greater liberalisation of the legal profession if The Bahamas to sustain and grow its financial services industry” as reported by one local news outlet.

While highlighting the many strengths of the financial services industry in The Bahamas, McWeeney, a former Attorney General of The Bahamas, offered a bold critique of recent international developments, their impact on the industry and what he believed they could mean for the industry’s outlook. The two-day conference was staged at the Baha Mar Resort and Convention Centre, from the 17th to the 18th of September. The event was hosted by the Central Bank of The Bahamas.

Mr McWeeney’s full presentation may be downloaded by selecting the PDF document icon at the top of this page.