Graham Thompson Celebrates One Year in TCI — Bahamian Prime Minister Joins In

April 12, 2014

GRAHAM THOMPSON LAW FIRM – one of the oldest law practices in the Bahamas – celebrated its first year serving the Turks and Caicos Islands on Wednesday (April 9) evening with Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Perry Christie, in attendance.

Christie joined Governor Peter Beckingham, founder of the firm Peter Graham, Deputy Speaker of the House, Josephine Connolly, other special guests and several partners and associates from the Bahamas offices for cocktails at the Regent Palms Hotel in Grace Bay.

Prime Minister Christie congratulated the firm for taking a bold step into the wider world. The TCI office is the 64 year old firm’s first venture outside of the Bahamas. “That they should have decided to do so in the Turks and Caicos Islands under the local stewardship of Steven Wilson QC and his team on the ground is both sensible and timely,” Christie said.  He added that the ties of geography, common blood, heritage and jurisprudence are just some of the factors that make Graham Thompson’s entrance into the TCI such a sensible fit.

Beyond the commonalities, the Bahamian PM said, the firm’s Providenciales establishment is a display of faith in the country’s future.  “The people of the TCI do indeed have a bright future ahead and I am convinced that with God’s guidance and united endeavor this bright future will be realised for the good of all and the greater glory of your fair land.”

Christie made special mention of the firm’s founder, Peter Graham, who he said presided over its evolution into the largest commercial practice in the Bahamas.  He noted Graham’s commitment to public service and the ethos he developed and then nurtured in the firm. Peter has always encouraged his lawyers to give back to the country, to get involved in nation building and it didn’t really matter to him which party banner you did it under as long as you did it, Christie observed. “This commitment to public service began with Peter himself; he was our country’s very first minister of labour and housing back in 1964, he was also a member of the parliament from 1956 to 1972 and from that time to now.

“What has really distinguished Graham Thompson the firm is how the ethos of which I speak has always found expression in so many diverse ways or so many different paths.”  He further commended Graham for ensuring that the tradition of public service is still an integral part of the firm.

Robert Adams, partner with the Freeport branch, was the emcee for the evening. He spoke of the firm’s move to the TCI and the opportunities for growth.   “Although we only have three members here, we intend to expand those numbers and create opportunities for local attorneys in particular, to join our team.  “The presence of Graham Thompson in the TCI is a long term commitment and we feel that the TCI is a natural take; we have quite a lot in common.”

Adams noted that even in the current challenging times Graham Thompson believes that there are still great opportunities for those who are diligent and committed to excellence. “So as the economy of the TCI continues to grow we intend to be there right with you.”

Governor Beckingham gave brief welcoming remarks on the firm’s anniversary. (Delana Isles)

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