June 20, 2022 By Alistair ChisnallChambers Global Practice Guide. Real Estate 2022: Law and Practice in The BahamasDownload PDF

Nassau, The Bahamas – In the recently published 2022 Chambers Global Practice Guide on Real Estate in The Bahamas, GrahamThompson Partner Alistair Chisnall outlines key trends and developments since 2021, highlighted by a major industry rebound in both domestic and international segments of the market.

Major Trends and Developments

“Many in the industry” he says “view the period from the last quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022 as one of the greatest and most aggressive real estate markets that The Bahamas may ever see”. A perspective though widely held, Alistair cautions that it is a perspective that industry players hold with “a wary eye”, as some industry drivers he explained, have begun to show signs of cooling.

The Global Practice Guide is a comprehensive guide on the law and practice of Real Estate in The Bahamas. It provides key insights on the sector’s main market trends and deals, including a look at the impact of “Disruptive Technologies”. Alistair observed that market participants view disruptive technologies with a “guarded approach”.

Guide Content

The Guide additionally covers a wide range of subject areas essential to the real estate practice in The Bahamas. Including:

  • Sale and Purchase
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Commercial Leases
  • Construction
  • Tax

Chambers and Partners practice guides are recognised as “definitive global law guides offering comparative analysis from top-ranked lawyers”.

Where to Find the Guide

An online version of the 2022 Bahamas Real Estate Guide can be accessed on the Chambers and Partners website, via this link,

You may also download a PDF copy of the Guide here, Real Estate 2022: Law and Practice in The Bahamas.

GrahamThompson is a top-ranked law firm, with Band 1 rankings from the prestigious London-based organisation. The firm received a Band 1 ranking in Chambers and Partners’ Global rankings in General Business Law. It also received the agency’s top ranking in the High Net Worth (HNW) Offshore Trusts Sector.

Alistair Chisnall

Alistair is a Partner in the firm’s Property and Development Practice Group, of which he is also a Co-Chair. He is also a Chambers and Partners ranked attorney, for his work in Real Estate. Alistair specializes in real estate transactions and conveyancing, sales and structuring for both high-end and private client matters and large commercial transactions.  His practice covers mortgage-backed financing and loans, property title due diligence and opinions. Title insurance, subdivision, resort and hotel planning development and operation, commercial and residential leases and related tax matters and issues. Also advising on and applying for all governmental and requisite approvals.